An Overview of Oil Industry Analysis

29 April, 2016

Aside from our transportation system, a big part of our daily lives uses petroleum products made from oil which puts the oil industry on a very high scale. Various oil companies are willing to spend a very huge sum of amount that may reach up to billion dollars worth of money just to gain more and more earnings. Initially, raw oil is taken from oil wells and is extracted up using pipelines, tubes and other tools. But in order to achieve good class of oil and avoid sucking up sand, rocks and other unnecessary particles, few analytic and measurement techniques were developed and Wireline Logging is one of these. Author is an expert of wireline logging, go here for more interesting information.

WIRELINE LOGGING One of the analytic and measurement techniques used in oil wells for formation evaluation is the process called Wireline Logging. With Wireline Logging, continuous recording of data throughout the process of oil formation can be done. Different formation properties can be noted like electrical resistivity, induced and natural radioactivity, hydrogen content, elastic module and bulk density.

These data will then be interpreted to achieve continuous record of measurements in relations to the depth measurements. LOGGING PROCESS To obtain measurement records from deep oil wells, few steps or stages must be done:

• A sensory tool attached at the end of a logging cable will be lowered down the well.

• The sensor will then be suspended down the hole and signals from it will be conditioned in the down-hole electronics.

• Data signals will then be transmitted to the control panel through the cable and recording of data will then be done.

• Movement of the cable up and down the oil well will also activate a depth measuring device which data gathered by it will also be recorded.

• Finally, copies of the recorded data measurements called the well log will then be produced for evaluation.

Molding Recruiter

22 April, 2016

You may be frustrated already in finding a competent plastic molding recruiter to help you find the best candidate for you company’s job opening, or may already have one, but is not helping in finding the best candidates.

You’ve been looking for plastic molding recruiter at the wrong places. Trust your hiring requirements to AJ Augur Group, LLC. AJ Augur Group, LLC is a plastic recruiter based in Mentor, Ohio and is known within the plastics industry to fill 95% of the plastic recruiter job openings. AJ Augur Group, LLC assists large and small companies fill critical job positions in packaging, medical/pharmaceutical, compounding, labels, consumer products, industrial and automotive. Source for more about plastics headhunter.



AJ Augur Group, LLC is managed by Dan Regovich. He has been recruiting since 1997 and has made hundreds of placements all across the United States. He has specialized as a plastic recruiter since 2001 and knows the ins and out of the plastics industry.

As a hiring company, AJ Augur Group, LLC takes the time to discuss the details of your current opening and the culture of your company to help you find the candidate with the right skill set and will rightly fit into your company’s environment. After all of the necessary information is gathered, AJ Augur Group, LLC will work in gathering the best candidates for the job. All candidates who fit the criteria and might be a fit for your position are thoroughly interviewed and screened to find the best of the best candidates. After each step of the interviewing process AJ Augur Group, LLC will also debrief you, as a hiring company, and the candidate as well, to discuss and make sure the position is right for both parties. With this interviewing process, you can be sure that you are getting the right candidate.

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Web Design

21 April, 2016

Everyone likes to use the computer but not everyone knows how to make the beautiful sites they visit every day. In each of the sites we visit we can see graphics, images and different layouts and it is all part of what we call web design. Do know you how to do it? Personally I do not. It’s too complicated for me to know and to practice how to do it, I’d rather look for someone who can do the job for me. Speaking of looking for someone, I was able to check one of the best that can do the job and that is orange county web design. Learn more about best digital marketing agency on this site.


What can they do?
Orange county web design can make an amazing web design for you in accordance to your needs. They always make sure that they can deliver messages through communicating on the web. They can even do more than web designing since they can also do the following:
• Flash Animation and Programming
• Viral Campaigns
• Content Management Systems
• Web Maintenance and Hosting
• Custom Programming and Development
• Web Campaigns, Strategy and Consulting
• Web Analytics
All the things mentioned above are just few of what Orange county web design can offer. Isn’t that a great news? You do not need to keep the burden to yourself instead you can ask help from the pro and for sure you would be achieving what you want.

Why get a Pro?
Getting someone to work for you does not mean you can’t do it. Sometimes even if we try to do it someone is still way good at it. That is the main purpose why this people exist. Orange county web design can definitely nurture the idea you have and make it into something more pleasing to you and to the people who interest it. They will just make the best out of it.


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